December 9, 2017

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Should one pull all the stops or rely and proven technologies? What balence should one seek between formal and informal in digital innovation? How much should a team document?

These are just some of the questions every business asks in the realm of internet and mobile planning. Here is what I propose : do what is right, and, if possible, what is elegant. The way you organize your digital work today will be visible in the result of that work. This is why Caplancity offers consulting in computers and in organization.

There are multiple paths to success:

  • A common language and nomenclature based on the unitary level of unique engagements between departments, businesses and all actors result the just ability to adjust to external or information changes.
  • Stable mesures from the top-down, the bottom-up and from all sides consolidated in stable, reliable and evolving processes allow for efficient choices with just the right level of administrative overhead and automatisation.
  • Expertise in computer programming, systems and network, and data management give the ability to appreciate elegant innovation.
  • Incorporation of full-information constraints in regulatory conformity, in usability and in technical maintainability allow for pertinent development through time and different applications.

I have had the joy of programming open-source software for capacity planning and for public-law systems. I have been personally engaged in Agile and PMP cercles. I hav had the pleasure of contributing to IT teams of all sizes in making fantastic progress.

It would be my honor to work with you for your constantly-improving digital future.

Techologically and Organizationally Yours,

Chris Mann
+33 781 811 811


Computer room set up for marginalized persons at Les Grands Voisins

Burnlog Capacity Planning

I am currently reviving Burnlog to tie time-sheets to release schedules. My emphasis is on employee empowerment by addressing the problem of heterogenious engagement negotiations and renegotiations in the enterprise. One tool used to address this question is redmine_taskjuggler. The emphasis is on a tooled method that can adapt to a variety of organisations.

Digital Divide Outreach

The internet is a new opportunity to exclude marginalized populations. Our efforts here are to invite digitally marginalized populations to be able to participate in the virtual society. This is done by setting up computer rooms and giving computer classes to otherwise internet-challenged students. Today, we are operating at Les Grands Voisins. Volunteers are welcome and needed!

Agileprise Engagement

Agileprise is a pseudo-non-profit that I use for work with other companies.
Website : http://www.agileprise.com Meetup : https://www.meetup.com/agileprise/

Digital Distances @Work Workshop

What is distance in computer projects? This workshop addresses the logistical and cultural questions that any team working on or with software. The next Meetup is set for Tuesday November 7 at 6:30 PM at Les Grands Voisins in central Paris. Presentation

Agile Digital Enterprise Scrum Framework

Pierre Neis and myself came up with an original enterprise organizational framework. Consult the white-paper here.

Old Projects

Config Magic

The goal of Config Magic is to master IT configurations with tools, repositories and practices. The website config magic and its corresponding git server was intended for this service. There is also an CMAP Tools site on using CMAP Tools for configuration management.


E-Delib is an open-source server for Town Ordonnances all over the world. It was first put in place in Lorient in 1999 and had the effect of changing the way the civil servants view the executive council of the township. It allowed the who town to better understand the decision process within the township.


Pyraxe was a through-the-web XHTML editor where the content was held in a filesystem of HTML pages. It uses Pyramid written in Python.


XSpyDer is an open-source motor writtten in Python for consuming XSD definitions of forms and cross-referenced information and transforms it into a various things such as PHP forms, documentation and other things. It was used to consume specificaitons for 28 RFP forms from the JOUE and BOAMP, some spanning 14 screens, with 50,000 individual informations and cross-refernces.


Christopher was a great advocate and produced world class results in his position. I continue to be impressed with the innovation and execution of his efforts and recommend him highly.

Roy Rubin, CEO Magento (E-Commerce Generic Software Editor)

I hired Christopher as a PMO for several missions. His kindness equals his professionalism and his creativity. I do recommend him in an situation where thinking out of the box is required!

Fadi Gemayel, CEO Daylight Group (Consulting)

For more references, see this page in French.


Chris Mann
Chris Mann

Beyond work on internal projects, Caplancity is consulting for capacity planning, Agile coaching, Scrum mastering, Scrum product owning, PMI project managing, linguistic identity coaching, IT-project managing and serious-game animating. Caplancity is my service name.

I have been working in the IT sector for 17 years as an organisational consultant. I pride myself on finding ambitious common-sense elegant solutions with and for my clients. I have worked in e-business and in operations and production. I also have edited my own software and original software for clients. My education is in economics (BA from Oberlin Collège), politics (Sciences Po. Strasbourg) and computers (Supélec Rennes). I also have other activities, such as presiding a virtual photo studio 4e oeil and photography.

Chris Mann


Kibili writing during a MDlite demonstration

Caplancity by Chris Mann chris@caplancity.com / +33 781 811 811 / http://www.caplancity.com

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