CaPlanCity : Iterative Roadmapping through Talent, Time, Money and Resources by

With CaPlanCity, your roadmap is as good as gold, your organization and partners are wholistically involved, your vision is updated at regular intervals. CaplanCity can work on the following dimensions:

  • time both in person-days and in rollout dates
  • talent in terms of abilities and task assignments
  • quality in terms of the satisfaction of work packages with regard to latest requirements
  • money in terms of deliverables per contractual period and according to a plan of accounts
  • resources in terms of use of constrained physical resources that need scheduling

Software teams may be familiar with the four main concepts we use:

  • backlog: changes that we expect to see in the future
  • changelog: developments already integrated into the system
  • burndown: verifiable progress of a current iteration
  • burnup: use of budgeted or allocated resources

One key approach in roadmap consolidation is the ability, one way or another, to achieve clearing between profit centers (projects and programs) and cost centers (teams and contractors).

I have been doing this for a number of years in different contexts, creating appropriate methods and tools for different contexts. Here are some more resources that could interest you with regard to CaPlanCity:

  • ESSEC Project Proposal here
  • Webinars for July 7 and October 7 here
  • Pitch for Small Businesses here
  • The Caplancity Game

Software and method combinations have been applied by Chris Mann in Pole Emploi and Wonderbox (publicly-available open-source product redmine_taskjuggler). Inspiration comes from Prince2 capacity planning, Agile #NoEstimates and Beyond Budgeting.